Why does the NBA’s Robin Lopez keep fighting with team mascots?

(CNN)It’s called basketball, not pro wrestling. Right?

Sitting in 11th place in the Eastern division has left Bulls fans little to cheer about — so Lopez is providing a reason to root from the stands.
The roughhousing ranges from Lopez putting wrestling holds on opposing mascots to battling them with Star Wars light sabers or even hitting them on the head with poster boards.
    Lopez by the way has a twin. NBA center Brooke Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets also acts out his need to mess with mascots.

      See LeBron James surprise Justin Timberlake

    But Robin Lopez — who grew up in California — has a lighter side too. In an interview with Oregon’s Willamette Week, he talked about his love for comic books and golden-age Hollywood musicals.
    Now, his mascot activities have earned him the nickname “Sideshow Rob.” To open this NBA season he had a pair of custom made “Sideshow Robs” basketball kicks made that he shared with his Twitter audience.

    Lopez vs. Franklin

    Recently, Lopez was pranked by Philadelphia 76ers’ mascot, Franklin, who poked fun at the center not being selected to the roster of this season’s NBA All-Star Game.
    The 7-foot Stanford graduate’s war against NBA mascots dates all the way back to the 2012-2013 season, when he played for the Portland Trail Blazers and got into a tussle with the Detroit Pistons’ mascot, a horse named Hooper.
    Lopez power bombed Hooper in the locker room hallway leading to the court.
    To those not watching the newest edition of Wrestlemania-meets-the-NBA — a power bomb is a professional wrestling throw in which an opponent is lifted and then slammed face-down to the mat.

    By now, NBA mascots should know better than to mess with RoLo…

    A post shared by Portland Trail Blazers (@trailblazers) on

      Joel Embiid: Social media is my playground

    But the mascots get their licks in too. This season, the Memphis Grizzlies’ put a “kick me” sign on Lopez’ back.


    Perhaps the real reason behind Lopez’ mascot campaign was revealed in a 2014 interview with Live Wire Radio.
    Lopez explained how the mascot fights are simply part of his routine aimed at de-stressing before tip-off.

      Shaq plays police chief for a day

    “I’m just out there trying to have fun not letting anything bother me out there on the floor, which may appear sometimes why I’m just completely goofing out there,” he told Live Wire Radio.
    So which mascot annoys Lopez the most? The Toronto Raptor.
    “He gets my goat,” Lopez told Willamette Week. “I have a few choice words for that guy.”

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      Hi Lynda,I followed the tutorial that Cathy developed on Lettering and came up with a pattern. I then transferred it with grey graphite paper(in our side bar) and then painted it. I used some more advanced painting techniques but you could also base this in with brown and sand it for a great look. You can do it. Please let us know if you how or goes. Paul

    170. //

      "Go ahead….but get ready for that mob on Wall Street to move to your local hospital next….gonna have to hire more guards….buy more guns…..good luck with that."The mob on Wall Street will hide their weed and disperse back to their parents' basements when the first snow falls.

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    173. //

      Why do you think I use a quilt on the bed? Pull it up, throw on the pillows and you’re done! For heaven’s sake, of course there are days when it remains in a jumble–your self-esteem is safe.

    174. //

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    178. //

      the first writer who really pulled me in deep. Speaking of which, Jeff has put up a great series on Tolkien, fiction and divination, a combo which you definitely don’t want to

    179. //

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    180. //

      I don’t give Rosales credit for his efforts but a move instead. The fact is, the only undeniable contribution Rosales gave to the opposition movement at that time was to concede defeat peacefully shortly after the election results were announced. By doing it, he killed off the sterile revolting actions some in the opposition had covertly been promoting and drifted them apart from sounder politicians who later would establish the MUD. It feels like ancient history, doesn’t it?

    181. //

      I’m glad your jumping on the LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP train. I’ve been raving about it all week, so I think I’ve been successful in brainwashing at least a few people into reading it. Oh, and I hope you enjoy GONE GIRL… That book was nuts! Thanks for much for participating this week… I loved reading your posts!

    182. //

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    188. //

      i can't believe you were in portland and i didn't know. i would have loved to show you some great places – but it looks like you found the greatest. the ace is one of my favorites as well. and you found voodoo, so you were set! there's a lot of great little pockets of fun here.

    189. //

      Reading this blog again, the first thought that occurred to me (if river was my word too) was that a river needs rain to BE a river; what if there was no rain? Mmmm, perhaps I need to figure out what ‘rain’ might be and then go in search of it!

    190. //

      Dearest Charlotte…I remember when your mom shared with me her secret. I am blessed to look at you and bask in your wonderful presence. Thank you for coming to the world to share God's love….you will be special in so many people's lives and heart

    191. //

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    192. //

      to believe in astrology, did that have some effect on science education? In any case, the permanent USG/MSM would never allow Darwin to be replaced by creationism/ID in the nation’s schools. The claim about the military being likely to be “sabotaged” if anyone except McCain or Clinton wins is simply a bizarre unsupported assertion.

    193. //

      Vad kul att du är med på Efit! Själv hoppade jag över den här dagen (för vi satt mest i bilen). Jättekul att följa din dag!

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      that. Print journalists used to get a lot of reader mail, and it wasn’t all supportive. In fact, some of it could even be classified as hate mail. But whatever. Bloggers are the first writers in the world to ever experience criticism. Wah!

    198. //

      *crying* omg i cant believe i just throw those away! all the money i can save….now with those catalina coupons can u use they saving to purchase giftcards and lottery tickets?

    199. //

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    200. //

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    201. //

      Oh hurray! About time somebody great bought one of the hotels.Hope it’s true. Too bad he didn’t buy Holcim’s waterfront property though. I heard he offered $1.5 million (the tax assessment) and they countered with $5 million.

    202. //

      People saying just? use the faucet.. Get real, a day may come when those water purification experts are awol and you’ll have to resort to your own resources and not the city providing it to you. Get solar, wind and technology like this you’ll be able to survive the zombie apocalypse or maybe just your energy providers dickin u around either way good way to be resourceful and save money. Make one with repack filters and it will be way more useful…

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    207. //

      Ok, so following the phishing post trying to get new AdSense publishers to sign up on Jan 24th, this is now the second post in under two weeks which is making me question the sanity of whoever makes these decisions…I find the introduction of a 1-in-10 rounding margin of error to be a step in completely the wrong direction.They're called Webmaster Tools, not Webmaster Guesswork Accessories…

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    209. //

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    210. //

      something is wrong. the videos dont show up at all. its just a white space where the video should be. i restarted my computer and i have flash player installed.

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      I'm late to this party, but I feel your pain.The lurkers? Ick.The creepers at the grocery store make me insane. I hate when I can feel and hear the person behind me breathing because they don't understand the concept of personal space. Drives me mad. But, I'm sure that by today you're feeling better.

    215. //

      Oh, good idea! I’d been having a mini pity party because Thanksgiving this year is family scattered across the country with just my teen son and I at home. It is temporary but still feels empty. We’ve been looking for ways to fill the void.

    216. //

      Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post Sara. Yes, it is really something when we take a label from someone else (which is usually their personal insecurity or view on the world) and own it as truth for us, to expose the core limiting issue. I know your clients are all benefiting from your skill in helping them expose those things which are not truth.

    217. //

      *facepalm*Feature request: prevent retarded people from using the Dev version and then complaining. … OK, just kidding, but … jeeze, lighten up people.And to the development team, thank you. This browser rocks.

    218. //

      Hi Joakim — our photographs are free and you can use them for any of your projects on the web. You are allowed to copy, distribute, and adapt our images. DO NOT use our photos in a stand alone manner and DO NOT sell our photos. Good luck with your projects!

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      It is going to become more popular, Kathleen. The Zionist narrative is breaking down. Sad to say it was this bad but the Arab Spring has humanised the Arabs in a way nothing else could have.All Israel has to sell is hatred and most thinking Americans are decent people who don’t hold those kind of values.

    222. //

      Salut, encore une fois je n’arrive pas à accéder aux photos, peut-être les as-tu paramètres pour que seulement certaines personnes les voient?(Je vois galerie Olivier Brichet mais juste en dessous « Désolé, cette page est introuvable ») .

    223. //

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    224. //

      if he could help he would, this is while many indans were fighting for the britishchurchill was hated all over the world, while hitler was seen as a progressive compassionate leaderdave tellis

    225. //

      , …che grande, aggiungerei solo questa:Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas)L’avidità, non trovo una parola migliore, è valida, l’avidità è giusta, l’avidità funziona, l’avidità chiarifica, penetra e cattura l’essenza dello spirito evolutivo. L’avidità in tutte le sue forme: l’avidità di vita, di amore, di sapere, di denaro, ha impostato lo slancio in avanti di tutta l’umanità. E l’avidità, ascoltatemi bene, non salverà solamente la Teldar Carta, ma anche l’altra disfunzionante società che ha nome America.

    226. //

      dear Mr. field, Anon, Inc wrote you a nice letter in the previous thread yesterday. It sounded like a letter of appreciation for FN. It must have taken hours and hours of reflection and composing. As an anon it was the most beautiful letter I have ever read. It brought tears to my eyes.Why have you and your complaining regulars IDs ignored it? It seems all the complainers notice is what's wrong with FN blog, instead of what's right with it. That sucks.

    227. //

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    228. //

      It kinda hurts to admit, but that boy Eli is in that elite group yo. He looks listless and out of it and confused all the time, but that guy just locks in and puts his team on his back. The drops and less-than-accurate passes and catches didn’t help the Pats tho.Sportscenter just had to show the Romo-to-Austin miscue this morning tho….smmfh

    229. //

      “Zionism is not about settler vs Arab in Palestine, but Jew vs gentile everywhere. The Jewish people, the basic Zionist premise, commissions Israel’s crimes, here and in Palestine.”In other words, justice for Palestine isn’t about what some Jews have done in the Middle East, but existentially about the nature of Jews, Jewish thought and practice through the ages.Phil, you taking notes here? Any concerns at all?

    230. //

      Why can't we just start blasting newspapers with the IQ stats of illegals. Then go ahead and talk about the IQs of blacks having babies.Everyone sign their names. Have a hundred signatures at the bottom of every letter.

    231. //

      Cindy,Thanks for the bad news. Since we pay a fair percentage of our taxes to the fine people at the Franchise Tax Board, I guess that means we are in the same boat as you, except we will be cutting estimated tax checques instead of it being payroll deduction. Same result in the end.

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      the seventy billion people of earth. where are they hiding? the seventy billion people of earth. where are they hiding? where are they hiding? – Yashar by Cabaret Voltaire.

    239. //

      Two? Let’s see here…Sonic Adventure, Sonic Shuffle, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. And as a trophy in Generations. Oh and his numerous appearances in Sonic X and the various Sonic comics.

    240. //

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    242. //

      Jen bych doplnil ještě jedno kouzlo našich statistiků a to je průměrná mzda. Ta prý neustále roste. Bohužel nikde neuvádějí medián, který je mnohem víc směrodatný než aritmetický průměr. A samozřejmě hrátek s čísly je mnohme víc, jen samotné průzkumy veřejného mínění jsou na celý nový článek.

    243. //

      Hello Dear CeciliaThat chair is a beauty and perhaps the perfect place to curl up with a book with your chilly winter weather..I hope you have had a beautiful weekend.. xxx Julie

    244. //

      I wonder…Hypothetical question for discussion:If we were to change the way our schooling is done, like a voucher system for example where parents can choose which school to send their children to (or other ideas), would that improve our quality of education?

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    246. //

      As a CL, we were told by management to have the enumerators resign or we would terminate them for “performance” issues so they couldn’t collect unemployment. Given the options, most of my enumerators resigned.

    247. //

      She is so insanely stupid, she thinks people leave because she has eight kids…True. She also can't bring herself to think that Jon rejected *her*, not the family. He didn't reject her…she kicked *him* out, but then he didn't beg to come back :).

    248. //

      Reinstate everyone who was suspended under the old policy and allow him or her to continue forward under the new policy. This change is an acknowledgement that the old policy had significant built in unfairness, which was the cause of many subsequent bad behaviors. It behooves you to correct such unfairness by giving all that suffered under the old policy a fresh start with no negative bias against them.

    249. //

      [17] expat,Good point, Thx. I actually have a few wrinkles I’ve thought of over the years if now I would have to make sure they are legal. You’d be amazed at what governments say two contracting parties can’t do because of policies designed to homogenize things like residential leases and prevent marketing to the most desirable tenants. I could easily make the argument that the landscaping provision is a civil rights violation. May be okay, may not be but a court is the final arbiter. BTW, credit checks were attacked on the same grounds.

    250. //

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    251. //

      Not sure if there is a limit on how many times you can say that you have the cutest baby sister in the world but here I go again! I have the cutest baby sister in the World!. Have you ever seen such a beautiful baby? Big brown eyes, sunny smile, such a cute outfit. Not nearly scarey enough fot Halloween! Perhaps the fact that you still have the costume after all these years is testimony to the fact that the reality show “Hoarders: Buried Alive” was based on the life of our Grandmom! Happy Halloween!

    252. //

      I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! keep up the good work.

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      les libertaires toujours les idiots utiles objectifs des islamistes (devant qui ils oublient leur refrain « ni dieu ni maître), des marxistes (voir les révolutions russes et espagnoles), et maintenant des homos (personnes qui n’assument pas ce qu’ils sont, qui veulent être différentes, mais à qui il faut les mêmes attributs que les autres (mariage, enfants – les anarchistes auraient-ils oublié la nature totalitaire de la famille ?..): Bakounine, Stirner, et Proudhon doivent se retourner dans leur tombe.

    254. //

      Boy, history won’t be kind on you reprobates. I doubt anybody can be as despicable to you though as you have been to the Palestinians. Lying about all your brutal savage terrorist gangs and its rapes/plunder/murder and ethnic cleansing, wiping from the face of the earth their ancestral villages and even claim they are an invented people. Simply not human.

    255. //

      World of Deej – use the advice found in the P&S and composition tips sections. Also, whenever possible, take your photos in well-lit areas, and without the flash.

    256. //

      Found to-day’s so much easier than yesterday!! I must be more on Giovanni’s wavelength than Jay T’s? Finished without the hints – but always read them just to check and to get some explanations for ones I “think” I’ve got but don’t always understand – i.e. 6d being an example, never gave a thought to Siam!! Thanks to Pommers for the excellent explanations and “interesting” illustrations! Once I’ve done the beastly shopping I might be brave enough to attempt the Toughie – perhaps? We’ll see!

    257. //

      NIce post. I can totally relate. And would add: I always wear the same clothes twice! Three times, even! As long as I like what I’m wearing, that’s fine. And with a husband from Europe, where main outfits get worn for weeks on end, it goes over nice and easy.

    258. //

      வடை à®®ிகவுà®®் க்à®°ிஸ்பியாகவுà®®்,à®®ென்à®®ையாகவுà®®் இருக்கு,à®…à®°ுà®®ை!!

    259. //

      C’est drôle quand même. Il est peu probable que ce soit la même personne. Je penche plutôt pour un copycat, inspiré par Notes of Berlin. Je pourrais aller demander au Berlinois en question, mais bizarrement je n’ai pas trop envie de faire sa connaissance…

    260. //

      Genine: eres muy talentosa y tu blog es asombroso, lo que has logrado con el tiempo, el cambio de tu imagen y la calidad de cada entrada, es maravilloso. saludos desde Argentina

    261. //

      Truth is correct. At the very very top level there is discrimination for whites against those higher than whites on the bell curve.At my level (alumni U of Mich) there was no doubt discrimination against white males in admission and university funded jobs.

    262. //

      It’s amazing, isn’t it? Look how Yahoo looked back then, it was so simple and plain. Now, Yahoo’s website is full of content, from search engine to news and games and horoscopes!I wonder if there is a prediction tool on what a website will look like in the future? Wahahahaha

    263. //

      hey, ich glaube, du hast es genau getroffen. Es ist eben vieles sehr mißverständlich. Deine Idee vom Puffer finde ich toll! Damit hast du dann den Kopf frei für Aktuelles, denn die allermeisten Fragen sind anders gemeint, als du sie verstehst.

    264. //

      I’m sorry, but those photos made me laugh. The satellite dish coming out of the blue tarp is awesome. Did you have to cut a special hole for it? It actually looks like you did a pretty thorough job wrapping the entire chimney up. I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted longer than expected. Good luck getting a permanent fix for it! Homeownership is totally worth all of the work … right?

    265. //

      Far between are those of us willing to demand a standard which places the betterment of society before profit. So long as we don’t hold our governmental officials and corporate interests accountable for distorting the laws in their favor; we will change nothing. I thank you for this website and your courage to help us become aware.

    266. //

      James Canning says:December 7, 2012 at 1:38Or what?,The west will slap on more sanctions?.The only deal the west is interested in is iranian capitulation.I imagine your suggestion would be appeasement of one sort or another

    267. //

      Dobrý den,pÅ™ihlásit se můžete již nyní, volná místa jsou v kurzu probíhajícím v pondÄ›lí od 17.30 do 19.30 nebo ve stÅ™edu od 17.30 do 19.30. Jelikož probíhají současnÄ› kurzy pro dospÄ›lé i pro rodiče s dÄ›tmi, není problém s sebou brát dceru. Můžete též navÅ¡tÄ›vovat i páteční otevÅ™enou keramickou dílnu, 16.30 – 19.30. Zde není nutná pÅ™ihláška pÅ™edem. Jana Stoicová

    268. //

      and some kind of non-gym shoe (soft leather shoes were fine as long as they made some attempt to look non-athletic).Some people who get to work via public transit + walking wear athletic shoes on their commute and change into formal ones at the office. Me, for instance.

    269. //

      Nice sharing Sis…Betul tu…Bukan semua suami isteri macam tu ^_^Cuma, ini sebagai peringatan buat kaum adam…Jangan berubah sikap walaupun isteri yang dikahwini sudah berubah bentuk badan…Betul tak dear ^_^

    270. //

      Weißt du das hast du wirklich sehr sehr schön gesagt, DAUMEN HOCH für dich.Leider ist die derzeitige Welle auch ein bisschen mit Zerstörung verbunden.Gaffer und Idioten machen sich einen Spaß daraus andere zu degradieren. Leider

    271. //

      Hola querida Mabel. buen día. soy maestra de 2 y 3 grado, en un colegio privado. muy bueno el P.A. de la Ruta Vi-centenaria. Te felicito. De los proyectos anteriores me he guiado y los adapto a los grados que doy.Que bueno que maestras como tu ayuden a sus colegas Venezolanas me siento muy orgullosa de gente tan linda como tu Mabel continua así cosechando éxitos.Desde Ciudad Bolivar, Municipio Heres te envió felicitaciones.

    272. //

      I nearly quit Flickr when they forced a Yahoo login onto it — they argued that making passwords harder to recover was a “feature.” I had to quit using Upcoming when they forced a Yahoo login — trying to use a personal and professional account was suddenly impossible.When Yahoo decides to break, the streets of Nerdville will run red…

    273. //

      I like the second cover much better, as it’s more realistic and the children can relate to it better. My suggestion is to do something with the girl’s eyes. Take the photo into Photoshop and darken the area around the eyes, and turn the white areas slightly red.

    274. //

      thanks swapusha- u wont belive it but we had been telling her teh baby will come post her brithday so her new query is"My birthday is over…Why is baby not coming out yet??"

    275. //

      Ah pois é, hihihihi (e essa foi ruindade minha!)Não tinha reparado, se bem que esta próxima me pareça ainda mais estranha: nunca percebi que raio de impulso masoquista ou auto-punitório foi aquele (é assim como se eu tivesse indicado o tema "couratos"), a menos que estivesse ali escondida alguma surpresa…

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      พูดว่า:Have you given any thought at all with converting your website in to German? I know a couple of translaters right here which might help you do it for free if you wanna get in touch with me.

    278. //

      What I meant by "pay off" was for the "HIT singer" not the patients. PS: Scott, you heard it here first – "HIT singer" use it as you please!

    279. //

      談及翻譯挪用,不得不提我心中多年放不下的懸案,自明武宗正德七年《尊崇道經寺記》開封白帽回回(猶太人)會堂遊之述:「至於一賜樂業教(Yisra’el,以色列),始祖阿耽,本出天竺西域,稽之周朝,有經傳焉,道經四部,五十三卷 …… 自開闢以來,祖師阿耽 (Adam,阿當),傳之女媧(???), 女媧傳之阿無羅漢 (Avraham,阿伯拉罕),羅漢傳之以思哈各 (Yitzhak, 以撒),哈各傳之雅阿厥勿 (Ya’ako, 雅各),厥勿傳之十二宗派,宗派傳之乜攝 (Moshe, 摩西),乜攝傳之阿呵聯 (Aharon,阿倫),阿呵聯傳之月束窩 (Yehoshua,約書亞)……」怎麼女媧跑來猶太教了?按其音和序那該是「挪亞」 (Noach),然而作者怎會挪用本國的神話神祇名稱去稱呼異教的祖宗呢?(女媧更是泛指為是女性) 難道作者以洪水滅世的共通性並其名字語音的相近將兩人視之為一?…… 這是不折不扣的天方夜談。且看倉海兄和其他朋友有何意見。

    280. //

      Piotrze, dziÄ™ki za wkÅ‚ad do dyskusji, ale obawiam siÄ™ że kol. anonimowy i tak wyczyta z Twojego wywodu, co tylko zechce, ale raczej nie to, co napisaÅ‚eÅ› Na marginesie – tylu komentarzy to ten blog nie widziaÅ‚ nigdy (tylko czy to dobrze, czy źle?).

    281. //

      Though I have never taken the spiced quinoa, I think it is great meal just looking at the picture. I will try and make it someday using the ingredients that you have provided.

    282. //

      Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

    283. //

      Le Yéti > <3 aussiPH > C’est pour ça que c’est aussi une bonne nouvelle pour les séropos, cette diminution du risque de transmission par les traitements. Ça allège nos peurs à nous aussi.

    284. //

      2 junio, 2012 – 6:40 Muy interesante enfoque, necesitamos empresas asi como la usted que den luz para examinar nuestros problemas sociales para resolverlo. Nuestra preocupacion por el medio ambiente es autentica, existe muchas evidencias que nos senalan que no estamos actuando en consonancia con las leyes de la natualeza.

    285. //

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    286. //

      Suprimí mi Comentario anterior, Rafa…Me quedo definitivamente con tu frase final:" Otro mundo es indispensable"más que nunca!Bisous, Bonne nuit

    287. //

      Thanks, girl. I’ve been surprised at the hateful and horrible comments that have been popping up lately. People can say whatever they want about me, but insulting a newborn is sick.Thank you for the kind words- hope you have a great day.Xoxo

    288. //

      MÃ¥ker ser ofte litt engleaktige ut, se bare pÃ¥ den til venstre: nydelig hode og "ansikt". Og sÃ¥ er de noen skikkelige rabbagaster!Flott bilde! …og jeg mÃ¥ nesten si meg enig med Anne: tenker pÃ¥ deg nÃ¥r jeg ser og hører mÃ¥ker! 🙂

    289. //

      Kannst du Michelle fragen, ob sie auch ein R machen kann????? Ich bin ja ein totaler Gummibärli-Fan und mein Herz geht auf, wenn ich das tolle M sehe! Das hat sie genial gemacht! sieht so toll aus!Liebe Grüsse von Rita

    290. //

      dit :Dis, la vergeoise, est ce que c’est un peu comme de la poudre ? Du genre super fin et pas granuleux ? Parce que j’ai un pot d’un truc comme ça chez les parents (et ça sent pas forcément super bon le sucre)… C’est ça ?

    291. //

      I think many of us find healing when we play with our own children. I know that I did. It may not be the same thing as getting what we needed from our own parents but it sure helps!

    292. //

      Hmmmm. Entspannung pur, einfach mal die Seele baumeln lassen. Etwas nur für mich tun. Ruhe, Gelassenheit, Verwöhnen zum genießen. Das wäre Traumhaft. Raus aus dem Stress und den bisherigen Altag, Das wär`s -> morgens halb zehn, keine Knopperszeit, sondern Wellneszeit. ))).

    293. //

      Feb01 Well thanks for the response Herg. But if you ever happen to make a board for the Creature from the Black Lagoon chase ramp lights that is LED friendly, you could count on me as a buyer.

    294. //

      Hola me gustaria mucho que me ayudaran ya que sufro de ira y la verdad la estoy pasando mal por que he lastimado a las personas que mas amo y desgraciadamente tubo que pasar esto para que yo me diera cuenta de que ya no tengo control de mi enojo, que simplemente arrazo con todo y yo no quiero ser asi quiero cambiar quiero aprender a controlar mis arranques de enojo de verdad ayudenme lo necesito

    295. //

      Thanks Carla I’m glad you liked it. It’s a lovely site, isn’t it? What’s more it really matches the type of lesson I like to teach when I get the opportunity. Best of all though it’s a nice, simple site for teachers to use, kind of a pick it up and teach it lesson. Hmm this could be a nice idea for a mini-series of posts Seth

    296. //

      Hallo,sterkte met je omstandigheden!Een vraag over je website. Hoe krijg je het voor elkaar dat beneden een prachtige index van al je berichten staat, dus met index en klikbare knoppen? Ik kom er niet achter. Graag een tip. Paul

    297. //

      couple of years ago and painted the Hello Sweetie! sign one evening last week. You can also see the Star Wars needlefelting I made her for Christmas. To the right of her shelf, you’ll see some of her paintings. To the left, a new Converse

    298. //

      TOUT fout le camp « prof », tout fond comme neige au soleil. Il en va ainsi du nombre de candidats comme de leur salaire de débutant dans le métier . On peut regretter le temps béni (que j’ai connu) de l’école normale de Rouen….

    299. //

      Hey brotherYou better come up here and pick up those 2 x 4′s asap. that is danger on that fort with no railings.So when are you going to make a cedar shake roof for that fort? now that would be cool.

    300. //

      The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player. Not a web browser. Not a game machine. Maybe in the future it’ll do even better in those areas, but for now it’s a fantastic way to organize and listen to your music and videos, and is without peer in that regard. The iPod’s strengths are its web browsing and apps. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice.

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    305. //

      Sweden here…Those news were bad news for the doubters but good news for the rest of us fans.I am still one of those who trust a mans, in this perticular case yours Kevin, words and/or his actions.I never doubted in you…never will.Keep on bringing good news and take care! =)Out./Jimmy, Sweden

    306. //

      If you think that “The true evaluatioin of a life is determined by one’s final years.”, how do you deal with not knowing which are your final years?You could die at 24, 50 or 87 – all with different final years.

    307. //

      Hi from Rhode Island and thanks for the review! I had the same concern as Anonymous regarding battery life. I’m training for my first marathon and will run probably run it in 4+ hours. Is it really going to last 5 hours? This will be my first GPS watch and I really only care about pace and distance. It seems ideal except for the battery question. Thanks in advance!P.S. I’ll definitely buy my watch through your Amazon link.

    308. //

      [..YouTube..] great idea i need to do that too …. but you know what you may have lost inches do you measure… using a measuring tape? that happen to me my weight didnt really look like it was going down but when I got measured again i was losing inches …(dont know just a thought trying to help ) anywho happy thanksgiving to you too ! ; )

    309. //

      Kul att du tycker det! Nej det är nog synkat på första ridå. Tror inte att det har någon betydelse när det är så snabba slutartider.

    310. //

      Naming the ChildThe fun continues over at the ProjectNameProposals page. 20 names are currently up for consideration. Don’t be intimidated, though. It seems that only a few names are really getting any lively discussion. The thing about the Wiki is that you don’t real…

    311. //

      hola… porque han bloqueado mi cuenta… si estoy activa…todos los dias por parte de bandeja de entrada…tengo mucha informacion en esta cuenta…porfavor necesito ver dichos datos…gracias 

    312. //

      who cares if its HARRP or nature any sort of warning helps. I was outside in the early hours of the morning last September during a large earthquake and witnessed purple clouds and blue lightning witch i don’t believe hit ground anywhere. the purple clouds are a common sight caused by ambient light form the city. I was 30km from the epicenter a friend of mine who is a farmer working 2km from the epicenter reported the sky lighting up like a alien invasion movie.

    313. //

      I also feel FAT!! im 28 weeks pregnant and now my tummy just flops down I see my friend who is 26 weeks pregnant with a tiny round belly and think why wasnt i like this.. i mean i wasnt a small girl to start with but still it gets to me sometimes your not alone.. i hate taking photos now because when i look at i look like a tank and just feel real bad but at the end its all worth it and you can work it all off congrats and good luck xx

    314. //

      What would you recommend for fading dark color around eyes?I, along with numerous members in my family due to genetics, have a darker pigment of skin around my eyes (it’s a West Indian thing I guess). I was wondering if there were any fading creams that could get rid of them and smooth out my skin tone?

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    319. //

      No wlasnie kiedys widzialem szaliki na hali ale ostatnimi czasy lipa… Obdzwonilem wszystkie sklepy sportowe w glogowie i tylko na grodzkiej a atlethicu mowia ze moze zamowia… Masakra … Gadzety mzks na kazdym kroku sa,… Moze zarzad pomyslalby tez o kibicach ??? :/

    320. //

      Stephan Hill wont even be playing. And he sure wasnt the right pick in the draft for us. Jenkins will be fine when he puts on a few pounds and builds some upper body strength.

    321. //

      Jul15 Thank you Jeff. It was great meeting both you and Dave. I had a wonderful afternoon. Can’t wait to see the footage. Until next time, all the best. Off to the Fortress of Solitude I go to cook up new story ideas!

    322. //

      Heh, käytän pimpata-sanaa osittain juuri siksi, että se on niin ajatuksia herättävä – vähän pitää ärsyttää, eikö? … Ja mun mielestä se on vaan hauska sana. Sori kaverit :/Sumu:Ei ole kokemusta itseruskettavista.Riikka:En ole huomannut. Olen ihan pihalla suomalaisesta lehtiskenestä parhaillaan!

    323. //

      Tenho pouco cabelo, desejo adquirir uma peruca tipo franja, como posso encontar. Parabéns pelo profissional competente, inovador e criativo… Vc é orgulho de brasileiro que faz!!!

    324. //

      Seems the moral of the story isn’t “don’t cheat investors”, it’s “don’t get caught”.From Reuters:Pictures of hedge fund managers in handcuffs being led away to face fraud charges on Thursday have sent a chilling message to the $2 trillion (1 trillion pound) industry.The warning was clear: mind what you say in your e-mails if you are a manager

    325. //

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    326. //

      – Umm.. WOW! These are so amazing! I love the one of the girl behind the door as well as the one where all the ladies are getting into the back of the truck! Looks like an amazing trip

    327. //

      HUahuahu, parabéns ICO, um dos melhores posts que já li. Foi praticamente uma quest de RPG esse seu passeio por Xangai, só faltou enfrentar o chefe da dungeon.Não sabia que você é Tolkienista também, ou que gosta pelo menos do SdA. O Velho é "meu Mestre".Auardando ansiosamente o Credencial.

    328. //

      Social comments and analytics for this post…This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jon_Peltier: New on the PTS Blog: I Keep Saying, Use Bar Charts, Not Pies…

    329. //

      Watching the show, I’ve always wondered whether or not these ad campaigns – and the ideas behind them – are based on actual ad campaigns or whether they are made up by the writers behind Mad Men. Either way, someone deserves/deserved a raise.

    330. //

      I write a blog too, on a very different subject, fat burners for women but I trawl around the web looking for fun blogs to comment on and read. I found yours which is unusual to say the least, but I like it. Thanks for taking the time out to write and share. I will be back.

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      "Do they just represent reasonable losses?"No, because "voluntary segregation is an acceptable no brainer."How are these two principles held in concert? Exclusion is evil but an acceptable no brainer?.

    333. //

      Radisson dit :SouthpawCommentaire #3713 Octobre 2008 à 7:25 pmTu te souvient de la prohibition?Y’a un monde de difference entre la prohibition et deux reserves Indiennes qui vendent des cigarettes en se crissant des lois…Infromations prises (car je suis non fumeur) ce sont bel et bien des blancs qui font la contrebande!

    334. //

      Du mÃ¥ bare nyte dagene med de to trollene dine du 🙂 Denne tia gÃ¥r sÃ¥ fort !!Koselig Ã¥ lese hvordan det gÃ¥r med dere innimellom da ;-)Ha enfin onsdags kveld!

    335. //

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    336. //

      I scared because of those reactors. I hope all of Japan gets better and stays safe from any radiation clouds and from anything else that comes their way. Japan is strong enough to pull through. I wish I could go and help them, honestly.

    337. //

      valium…Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the …

    338. //

      What a fabulous collection of pictures! I've always felt that a fixed island is just too…, well, fixed. A table gives you so much more flexibility. It can be shoved here and there, or even removed at times. There's room underneath, and it's a much more interesting look.Hats off to you for a great post! Thanks. I've added a link to my Facebook group page, so my readers can pick your brains.

    339. //

      i cant control a ball without looking at it…how am i gonna make myself control the ball without looking at it…the problem is when i look at my ball an attacking player will come and tackle the ball away from me…

    340. //

      I’m pissed that i missed today for a variety of reasons…Weight Vest Fridays (but in my defense, I managed to do weight vest Tuesday and Thursday this week)Lindsay’s BDAY wod (this one looked like fun)And I didn’t get to teach this AM. Stupid clients and drinking until 2:30 AM

    341. //

      it’s GN 20 (YN468) vs GN 22 (270EX) at 35mm, and GN 21 (YN-468) vs GN 27 for Canon at 50mm. The Yongnuo only catches up at 85mm where it also reaches 27. I’ll be more precise with the column labels when I re-work the database in the next round – it’s exactly as you say: FEC and manual mode can be set through the camera, but they both are not available as options on the flash (that’s what the table here shows). Thanks for the feedback, Frank

    342. //

      no chance. if you come wihtin a minute with it in your hand then chances are you’ll probably cum before you get fully inside her. knock one out beforehand.

    343. //

      Is there a reason why you celebrate Advent or considering taking part of Lent? Why do man made holidays take precedent over ones set in place by God? Why is it that the church celebrates things that were not even celebrated by Jesus or his disciples (Christmas, Easter, Lent, etc.), and yet things like Passover, that was put into place by God and followed by Jesus, aren’t given a second thought?

    344. //

      >garimo you wanna show your ugly face nowMy personal version of social retardation doesn’t fit in the theme of this script. When I finish my tea, you’ll find me at the beach today after working in the garden some this morning.Enjoy your freedom.

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    346. //

      Oh how much and how often I need to be reminded ! I thank God he is SO patient with me, and that He has many and varied ways of getting this message to me! This book sounds like it will be a great read!

    347. //

      Get over it, things change in life, nothing lasts forever, and for those who think public school is less of an education, most of the people who run this country, and in positions to make decisions for our community were educated in the public school system.Not that big of a deal, roll with it. Play with the big dogs or get off the porch.

    348. //

      Another critical role of Vitamin C is the citric acid cycle, or as I learned it years ago, the Krebs cycle. happens in the mitochondria… another interesting coincidence…type II diabetes has been looked at from the standpoint of mitochondrial failure. This would make sense, as it would explain multiple organ failures, such as heart & kidneys. I don’t know that C would ameliorate adult onset diabetes..let’s put in the boilerplate…I’m not qualified to give medical advice.

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      My God they look great i love them..see I Knew youll do a great job thats why I choose U guys thanks a lot cant wait to see the other ones… Lets do it again some time.. lol..

    351. //

      I would but I'm not allowed anything more lethal, or sharper, than a rolled up newspaper here in the socialists paradise (and no officer I'm not carrying it for self-defence as I know even that's illegal here).Just perusing 'the numbers'. Didn't I hear you pontificate a while ago on how 'us women vote individually'? Well, maybe you do, but it seems most of the rest vote in lock-step (ducking and covering) ;-p

    352. //

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