Expansion of Eclipse Comics

When Dean Mullaney got married to Catherine Yronwode, Eclipse expanded its operation under Catherine as the Editor in Chief. Eclipse published many innovative works and championed creators’ rights in a field which at the time barely respected them. Catherine is an American writer, editor, graphic designer, typesetter, publisher, and practitioner of folk magic with an extensive career in the comic book industry.

Catherine Yronwode Eclipse Comics

In 1983 she began a partnership with Dean Mullaney, the co-founder of Eclipse Enterprises, a comic book and graphic novel publisher which had been in business since 1976. With Yronwode as editor-in-chief, Eclipse published titles such as Miracleman by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens, and Zot! by Scott McCloud.[11][12]Eclipse also published graphic novels adapted from opera librettos, such as The Magic Flute by P. Craig Russell, and classic children’s literature, such as The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.[13] In 1983 Yronwode won an Inkpot Award which are given for lifetime achievement in comics and related areas.

Eclipse Comics

In 1985, Yronwode and the cartoonist Trina Robbins co-wrote Women and the Comics, a book on the history of female comics creators. As the first book on this subject, its publication was noted both by the mainstream press and the fan press.[15][16][17]

During the 1980s, Eclipse developed a new line of non-fiction, non-sports trading cards, edited by Yronwode. Controversial political subjects such as the Iran-Contra scandal, the Savings and Loan crisis, the AIDS epidemic, and the Kennedy Assassination, as well as true crime accounts of serial killers, mass murderers, the mafia, and organized crime were covered in these card sets. Yronwode was widely interviewed in the media about her role in their creation.

In 1993 Yronwode and Mullaney divorced, at which point she left Eclipse and joined Claypool Comics, handling production, distribution, and typesetting for titles such as DNA gents and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.[citation needed] In 1998 she was joined at Claypool by Tyagi Nagasiva. They married in 2000, at which time he changed his name to Nagasiva Bryan W. Yronwode. Both Yronwode continued to work for Claypool until that company ceased print publication in 2007.

During the 1980’s, Eclipse launched out a new line of non-fiction, non-sports trading cards.