November 2017


Netflix Knows Some Very Strange Things About Public Viewing Habits

"Netflixing in Public"—the act of watching Netflix out in the world, not to be confused with "Netflix and chill"—is officially a thing. Ever since smartphones got fast enough to stream on-the-go, folks have gotten more and more used to watching TV and movies almost anywhere. Don’t believe us? Go watch the line at Whole Foods


The Best New TV Shows & Movies To Binge On Netflix This November

Welp, it’s November. Pretty soon we’ll be saying, “Peace out,” to fall and doing everything we can to brace ourselves for the upcoming winter and holiday season. Two things we can never actually prepare enough for. We’ll all accept the fact that going into hibernation means gaining at least three pounds from all of the


5 Terrifying Horror Stories Hiding In Superhero Films

Ah, superhero films. Tales of flying and punching and groin-fitting costumes and copious derring-do. Thanks to their consistent popularity, we can now watch someone save the world at least once a month. But for some of them, that do-gooder attitude is just a front for the horror that dwells in their cores. Yes, these five